Updated 09 March 2019

Things to see & do!

Our holiday home might not be all you want out of your holiday!? 

The region has much to offer the visitor, and here we will try to give you some tips about activities and possibilities. Some of the links are in Norwegian only, but we hope the pictures will give you an idea about what you can explore! (If you are a computer wizzard you might use Google translate to understand even the Norwegian pages...)

Close by!

Walking along the shoreline or in the woods along paths.

We have a set of bicycles at the cabin. Theret is a network of small roads in the area that are good for bicycling.

There is a pub at the marina, just across the water.

Kids love to fish along the beach for small crabs or prawns. There are also a few inflatable swimming pools and toys in the cabin.

Along the road to Fredrikstad you will find several places (well sign-posted) with rock carvings from the Bronze Age, all free of charge. There are also several sites with burial mounds from the same period. Start at the Solberg Tower. (Waypoint 1)


-The old fortified town (Gamlebyen) from 1674 is well worth the stroll. There is an open-air market, mostly bric-n-brack’s and home-made goods every Saturday at the town square (09:00-14:00). Do not miss the small fortress “Kongsten” to the southeast of Gamlebyen. No admission cost.

-For shopping go to the shopping mall in the town centre, “Torvbyen”. Or halfway between Fredrikstad and Sarpsborg on the north side of the river is “Østfoldhallen” shopping mall area.

-Shopping ferry to Strømstad, Sweden. Leaves every morning from the ferry-landing at the west side of the river. Takes you through the landscape/seascape along the coast down to the small and cozy town in Sweden. Well worth the ticket! www.sagasund.no

-Leos lekeland is an indoor activity park. Best suited for smaller children (up to 9). Leos lekeland

-If you prefer a swimming pool there is an outdoor bath at Kongsten. 

-For more information about Fredrikstad and special events try www.opplevfredrikstad.com


-The fortress in Halden is the main attraction, as it dominates the city from above! It has seen many wars, and was often besieged, but never conquered!

-The boat M/S Turisten embarks from approx 10 minutes outside Halden for a tour along the waterways of the “inner Østfold”. www.turisten.no

For more information about Halden and special events try www.visithalden.com


-“Eventyrfabrikken” is a nice place for a rainy day for the children (up to 14). Free admission for adults! www.eventyrfabrikken.no (Site is only in Norwegian, but the pictures will give you a good idea what it is all about!)

-Aqua park at the Choice Hotel try www.superland.no

-Museums! Try this link for more information about museums in Østfold.

-Science center INSPIRIA. www.INSPIRIA.no
English version available.

-Shopping at “Borg storsenter” or “Storbyen”

-For more information about Sarpsborg and special events try www.visitsarpsborg.no

Some pictures from the surrounding areas!

Coast scenery

Bronze Age rock carvings

Fredriksten Fortress and a half-moon trumpeteer from 1814

Skjærhalden, Hvaler

Sarpefossen in Sarpsborg

Childrens activities in Sarpsborg

Childrens activities in Sarpsborg

Childrens activities in Sarpsborg

Fredriksten Fortress Halden

Fredriksten Fortress Halden

Sculpture park on Hvaler

Speedway on Rudskogen

Old canons on the footpath running around the fortified town

Living history in the fortified town of old Fredrikstad

Living history in the fortified town of old Fredrikstad

The fortified town of old Fredrikstad

Brick'n Brack market in Gamlebyen

Old canons in the fortified town

The ferry that goes between the fortified town and the new town

Autumn colors!


Kongsten outdoor bath near Gamlebyen